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About JACA

The Chairman of the Singapore Food Agency visited JACA to understand the content of our recommendations 

About Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture

JACA aims to contribute to key issues in Japan, such as food security and sustainability, by collecting information, as well as establishing and executing strategies and measures on how Japan should face growing cellular agriculture. Not only we are active domestically, but also we are to contribute to the international discussion by sharing our progress in one of the key areas globally.

Our philosophy

Consideration and implementation of mechanisms that would contribute to the public interest (industry and consumers)


Gathering and sharing information on the feasibility of the technology and international trends


Promote Japan's participation in international discussions


  • JACA will objectively analyze the potential of cellular agriculture, study and propose a system that will contribute to the public interest in Japan, and share the progress consensus building in Japan in international forums to contribute to the international discussion

  • We aim to make better proposals on how Japan should deal with cellular agriculture by exchanging opinions not only with those involved in the cellular agriculture industry (development or investment) but also with consumers and people in industries other than cellular agriculture

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  • A preparation meeting was held to kick off JACA

  • JACA was firstly established under the Center for Rule-making strategies, Tama University as a voluntary organization


  • Official kick-off of JACA

  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries established a Food-tech Public-Private Council. One of the eight core working teams of the council is focused on the cellular agriculture field. JACA is the administrative office of the Cellular Agriculture Working Team


  • Since 2019, JACA have developed an industrial guideline and policy recommendation and submitted them to the government on 30 November 2022

  • The recommendation was Submitted to MAFF (Agriculture),  MHLW (Food & Medicine), Consumer Affairs Agency, METI (Economy), MEXT (Education and Academia), Digital Agency (Digitalization), MOE (Environment), and Cabinet Office (Food Safety Commission, Deregulation team etc.)

  • This achievement was featured on national TV (NHK)

Results of Activities


  • JACA became independent and established a legal entity

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©2023 Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture

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