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MoU: JACA and Society for Food Sustainatech (SFS)

Purpose The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is to describe the mutual goals and agreements between the Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture (JACA) and Society for Food Sustainatech (SFS).

Mutual Goals & background Our organizations share the vision and goal of advancing the field of sustainable and bio-technology-led food manufacturing industry in Japan and beyond. JACA and SFS share a close and mutually beneficial relationship. In cooperation with international organizations, JACA aims to deliver information about the progress in Japan to the rest of the world so that JACA can contribute to building a global consensus on how the cellular agriculture field should be deployed and expanded into society. This MoU enables JACA to access the global network of the industry, having a more significant overall impact.

Collaborative activities

  • JACAandSFStoseekforbilateral,Korea-Japan,cooperationareatopromotesustainableandbio- technology-led food industry together. The cooperation may include regulatory affairs, ecosystem building to support Research & Development, education, and the accumulation of scientific knowledge and insights toward the implementation of the industry

  • JACAtoprovidefeedbackonSFS’sstrategyoractivitiesbasedonthecasestudyinJapan

  • JACAtoproviderecommendationsinexpandingSFS’smaterial/initiativeswheretheircapacityallows

  • SFStohelpJACAtohaveopportunitiestosharediscussionsinJapanwithinternationalstakeholders (mainly Korean or other Asian stakeholders)

  • SFStosharewithJACAtheprogressofdiscussionsintheSFScommunityandoverseas

  • Mutualcollaborationasknowledge&strategicpartners

  • Potentialcollaborationonourownoratthird-partyevents,webinars

  • Maintenanceofopencommunication

Duration This MoU was developed and facilitated by JACA in collaboration with SFS. Nothing in this MoU is intended to create legally binding rights or obligations. Instead, its signatories are united in their identification of the items mentioned above. The cooperation under this MoU will commence on the date of signature and shall remain in effect unless modified or terminated by either signatory.

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